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Favorite Podcasts

If you're interested in hearing new podcasts, below is a list of some of my favorite episodes. 


Tony Robbins - On Achievement Versus Fulfillment (link)
- On Morning Routines, Peak Performance, and Mastering Money (link)

Jamie Foxx on Workout Routines, Success Habbits, and Untold Hollywood Stories (link)

Debbie Millman - How to Design a Life (link)
How to Prioritize Your Life and Make time for What Matters (link)

Mr. Money Mustache - Living Beautifully on $25-27k Per Year (link)

Seth Godin - Managing Life: Rules, Principles, Obsessions (link)

Tim Ferriss - Morning Routines & Strategies (link)
- How to Secure Financial Freedom, Maximize Productivity, and Protect Your Health (link)
- 5 Morning Rituals that Help Me Win the Day (link)

Nick Szabo - The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency (link)

Shay Carl - From Manual Laborer to 2.3 Billion Youtube Views (link)

Matt Mullenweg - The Benevolent Dictator of The Internet (link)

Rick Rubin - The Seclusive Zen Master (link)

Maria Popova - On Being Interesting, Creating More Time in a Day, and How to Start a Successful Blog (link)

Ramit Sethi - on Persuasion, Negotiation, and Turning a Blog Into a Sales Machine (link)

Scott Adams - The Man Behind Dilbert (link)

Derek Silvers - Developing Confidence, Finding Happiness, & Saying "No" to Millions (link)

Terry Crews - How to Have, Do, and Be All You Want (link)