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#MFAHAfterHours #BigBambuMFAH

I walked through the #bigbambumfah last night thanks for Museum of Fine Arts Houston and their Social Media Ambassadorship program. The event is up for a few months and the museum is free on Thursdays. 

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31st Annual Art Car Parade

The 31st Annual Art Car Parade took place this weekend. The morning started cool and rainy, which seemed to have prevented some normal spectators from coming out to the parade. However, the day shaped up to be one of the most beautiful afternoons ever in Houston. 

The crowd at the Art Car parade is much different than any other parade or mass city event. Everybody is in such great spirits, filled with huge smiles, laughter, and dancing. 

The participants in the parade interact with the crowd, and the crowd shows love back. Mark down the next event: April 19, 2019!

“Cloud Column" by Anish Kapoor

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston so kindly invited me to a sneak peak of Anish Kapoor's creation, "Cloud Column". This structure is 32 feet tall, and weighs over 21,000 pounds. This art piece is a precursor to Chicago's "Cloud Gate", even though it hasn't been revealed until now. 

This new art is being installed at the new Museum of Fine Arts campus, set to open next month. Below is a rendering from MFAH, as well as more photos snapped during my sneak peak of this new exhibit. #MFAHAfterHours