Guide to In Bloom Houston


I've been to every music festival at Eleanor Tinsley since they started in 2009 (shout out to The Eastern Sea!). I've learned a lot throughout the years for how to make the best of the music filled weekend. Apparently the organizers have also learned a lot, hence moving it from Summer to Spring (even though the move was much more complicated than just picking a different date). 

Being a veteran to the Houston-music and festival scene, I wanted to offer some advice: 

  • Pack a Camelback. Outside in Houston always means there's a chance to sweat. Be prepared by taking an empty camelback to the festival. You can fill it in once you're there.

  • Bring/wear sun screen: Once again, you'll be outside all day in Houston. Wear sunscreen so you can participate Sunday, also.

  • Do the morning yoga: You're going to be standing, drinking, slouching, and not doing great things with your body throughout the day. Start the day with a little zen, stretching, and good vibes. It'll go a long way and help you throughout the day.

  • Moderate your drinking: It's definitely cool to throw back a beer or two, but you're going to end up being exhausted by the time the closer gets on at night. My general rule (in life) is to not drink when the sun is out.

  • Show your pride: this festival is all about HOUSTON. Wear your favorite Astros hat, Rockets Jersey, Gallery Furniture Tshirt, or anything else to show your Houston pride.

  • Plan your schedule: take a moment to note some "must not miss" acts this year. Maybe it's Sylvan Esso, maybe it's lil dicky. Whoever you want to see, make a plan to see it.

  • Take advantage of the art installations: every year at FPSF, the art is out of this world! I hope In Bloom can keep up with past events and also have knockout installations.

  • Ride Your Bike / Walk / Uber. Whatever you do, do NOT drive to this event. Traffic is horrible before and after, and there isn't much room to park since the festival is so big. If you do have to drive to get close, I'd still recommend bringing a bike or renting a BCycle. You'll be waiting a long time for an Uber after the festival if that's your option.

  • Find a new band! Explore the festival. Find a new act that you've never heard of and give them a listen! I've found many great bands this way. If you haven't seen/heard Say Girl Say, carve out some time Saturday to find a new favorite ukulele band.


Gibson's In Bloom Schedule

In Bloom Festival Day 1 at Eleanor Tinsley Park
11:30am: Yoga with Black Swan at Bud Light Stage
2pm: Say Girl Say at Ostara Stage
3:40pm: MELVV at Ostara Stage
6:30pm: Grizzly Bear at Bud Light Stage
9:30pm: Beck on Bud Light Stage, Incubus on Flora Stage

In Bloom Festival Day 2: 
11am: Black Swan Yoga at Bud Light Stage
4pm: Houndmouth at Fauna Stage
4:40pm: Sylvan Esso at Bud Light Stage
5:40pm: Twin Shadow at Fauna Stage
6:30pm: Explosions in the Sky at Flora Stage
7:45pm: Gramatik at Ostara Stage
8:30pm: Queens of the Stone Age at Flora Stage