Mini Murals Website Launch 2018!

MiniMurals Houston

Project ideation, Marketing, Web Design, Social Media Strategy, Digital Strategy

  • Client: UP Art Studio

  • Timeline: June 2015 — current

  • Services: Web Design, Project Management, Social Media Strategy

I walked into a big board room in Spring 2015 with a map of the City of Houston. The map included green, yellow, and red pens throughout Houston, with a green one down the street from my childhood home. I was immediately confused why MY neighborhood and street was highlighted on this map, and what it was symbolizing. It was the start to a city-wide art transformation, which I couldn’t be more proud of to create and support.

Website Designed by Gibson Hall.

Website Designed by Gibson Hall.

MiniMurals started in 2015, when Noah and Elia Quiles of UP Art Studio approached me about helping with this project. We already worked together on several other large mural projects, and I played the role of the digital marketing strategist.


Project Info

Art curators, Noah & Elia Quilies, were starting a project to paint traffic control boxes in the city of Houston, but needed marketing support to work with the right organizations to help fund this massive project (there’s over 700 boxes in Houston). 


Painting these boxes is going against the City of Houston, so we needed special permission from the Mayor’s office and Public Works Department to even consider this project a reality. To our amazement, both organizations were in full support of the project. We had enough support to have 1 artist paint 1 box, and the kickoff to the MiniMurals project was highlighted by the Chronicle.

Work Involved

In 2015, I created the original website, including description of the project and galleries of the painted boxes. Since then, there have been over 180 boxes painted and have scaled the website to include an interactive map, allowing users to find boxes near their neighborhood and throughout hours.

N Main @ Brooks  by W3R3ON3

N Main @ Brooks by W3R3ON3