Where I look for Events in Houston

There are so many great websites curating things to do in Houston, but there's a catch-22 situation where Houston doesn't have 1 central hub for all things Houston, based on your style. I believe this is true because each market has its own unique culture, shaping the events that look fun for you. 

I like exploring Houston and being broad in my experiences. A lot of what interests me relates to art, yoga, eating, markets, special events, and new experiences (at least once). 

To find out about cool events in Houston, I like to visit the following sites and then create a monthly events list. 


Website Event Curators

There are a few great websites in Houston trying to curate lists of things to do around Houston. However, since Houston is so diverse with so many offerings, it's hard for any site to be the catch-all for all of Houston's events. My blog is just another curation, pulling events from the following sites: 

FreshArts.com — great for local art shows

ArtsHound.com — another great resource for local art shows

365ThingsToDoInHouston.com — some highlights of the week, usually has free events

PollStar.com — great for concerts

CultureMap — little bit higher end events

Houston Press — has maybe too many listings on their site. 

Zyoga.Info — Free Yoga Related Events

FitnessInTheLoop — Free Fitness Related Events

Facebook — about 50% of the events I find out about are through Facebook! Check out what your friends are going to and see if you could go together!



Now all venues post on the websites mentioned above, and sometimes not all of the shows get moved over. For that reason, I like to check out my favorite venues to see about upcoming concerts, art shows, performances, and special events. 

Discovery Green

House of Blues

White Oak Music Hall


Mucky Duck


Stages Theatre


Where else should I look? 

Is there another website that helps share cool events in Houston that I haven't mentioned above? Know somebody who is awesome at curating events but doesn't know how to make a website? I'd love to help!! Let me know in the comments!