Celebrating Houston Podcaster: TheH.US

I got into Podcasts a couple years ago while having a long commute to work in the suburbs every day. I really love listening to music in the car, but Podcasts give me a whole different experience while commuting. It passes the time quicker, and I always learn something interesting. 

My Podcast library basically only has 2 Podcasts in it, and I just added a 3rd: TheH. The is a podcast interviewing Houstonians that make Houston "Houston". 

I'm always a fan of creative branding, and really admire the work created so far by @TheHPodcast, Luke Brawner.

He just released his second season, and the first episode kicks off with an interview of native Houstonian, George Foreman. George is a World Heavy-Weight Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, and also grew up in 5th Ward, near this Mini Mural by Anat Ronan

One of my favorite things is to hear old Houston stories, and how Houston became the city I know today. It's great to watch the city grow, and even better to hear stories from local legends. 

Below is access to the podcast, and would love to know your thoughts!